You May Know Your Why, But What Is Your Wow?

Recently I traveled to California to record some videos for a company called Wisdom Capture. I encourage you to go to their website and learn more about them. They capture wisdom from key executives within corporations so it can be shared with employees, customers, and clients. It serves as a legacy of those lessons learned by people that came before the people that are there now.

One of the videos I recorded for them was entitled What Is Your Wow. Not “What Is Your Why” from Simon Senik, but “What Is Your Wow?”

What is that accomplishment? What’s that task? What is that achievement that you’re going to do for the organization? The one that’s going to make people stand up and say “this organization is different.” The thing that will make them think “This leader is taking this company to a new place.” or “This new product or service is going to make a difference in my life.”

So – watch the video. Then tell me in the comments – What’s Your Wow?

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