Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – I’ll Take Today

I think I’ve told you before that my favorite group is the Eagles. My wife’s favorite group would be the Beatles and I’d have to say they’ve had some powerful songs over the years – songs that have stayed classic through the decades.

One of the most meaningful songs in a simple way is “Yesterday” sung in solo by Paul McCartney. I’ve seen him sing it as a young man and I’ve seen him perform it live as a much older man.  The words are a simple love song. He’s yearning for yesterday and wished his words had been different to his girlfriend who went away.

My message to you is that you cannot dwell on yesterday. Or really worry too much about tomorrow. All you can worry about is today. Will you be a better person?  A better leader? A better spouse? Parent?

Will you do something as a citizen of the earth to make this place better? So worry about today, not yesterday.

But I sure love the music. Let’s hear a few bars.

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