Words of Wisdom from a Popular Country Song

Recently, I was in San Diego at a conference and there was a video shown at one of our opening sessions. It was a music video by Tim McGraw called Humble and Kind.

It’s a very simple song that talks about being kind to people and being humble and grateful, not holding grudges or being bitter. But when his music is put with the cinematography in the video, it hits you hard, in the generations, the genders, the different cultures, the different stories that could be told in the faces that pop up on the screen. It’s an amazing video to watch.

You know, I always encourage people to be positive, to believe in themselves, and go after their goals, and believe they can be achieved. But as you’re achieving them, you need to stay humble. You need to be grateful, and remember who helped you get to where you’re going. Don’t forget those people that supported you when your days weren’t going well, those people that taught you great lessons, those that drove you to get to the next level.

And remember, as you achieve success, help others to achieve it as well. And always be humble and kind.

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