Who Is Your Coach?

How many of you have a coach?

Kenny Chesney has a song called Coach. It’s mainly about an athletic coach that he remembers and how meaningful he was in his life. The song has probably been sung at many funerals and retirement parties and tribute events.

Those kinds of coaches that we have as we are growing up do indeed make a difference in our life. They give us the foundation to be better human beings, to understand the value of teamwork, and to understand that when you fail you’ve got to get up and try again.

But I’m talking today about the coaches you need as an adult. Whether that’s a yoga coach, a life coach, a fitness coach, a therapist, a counselor, a priest, a pastor – someone that can give you the brutal advice and counsel you on what you need to be successful. You need someone that will push you to stay strong and fit, to get through that moment of depression and discouragement, or the next challenge that’s facing you.

Go out and find that coach. Have several.

My athletic trainer recently asked me what are the lessons that I teach when I’m out coaching chief executive officers. I tell them three things. One: they need to become better listeners. Two: they need to focus on the one thing that’s most important to get accomplished this year, this month, this week, today. And third, they need to treat everybody like family. Whether it’s your employees, your co-workers, your neighbors, treat everybody as you would treat a family member.

Those are the lessons that I teach to my executives week after week, month after month, year after year. They are the same lessons that we all need to keep learning and improving upon. So, I ask you, what is it that you need to work on? Is it your health? Is it your business acumen? Is it your attitude towards life? Take the music that drives you to deal with those issues that you’re facing and those obstacles that you need to overcome. And, with the help of coaches take yourself to the next level.

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