What I’ve Learned From The Beatles & My Grandson

Normally my blog starts off with some music. I will play a song that has been important in my life. Perhaps it’s a song that has moved me to be a better person. Or it might be a song that has motivated me to work at a higher level, taught me a lesson about issues that we face in the world and how I need to participate in solving some of them.

Sometimes they’re just fun songs that make me smile and make me happy, and make me reminisce a little bit about something from the past.

Today’s video is a little different. It’s not actually a song but it’s certainly about music.

The lesson is about the power of practice and routine and focus and passion.

This short video illustrates that by focusing on learning – that skill that you need to be a better athlete, to be a better leader, to be a better person in your family and in your relationships can be achieved if you just focus on it and practice on it.

Enjoy this video. I’m a proud grandpa.


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