We Need To Respect One Another

Many people are listening to old Aretha Franklin music this week. It’s powerful music by an amazing woman who demanded respect and received it. But some of her music isn’t quite as well known. I encourage you to listen to a few sound tracks. I was just listening to “Amazing Grace” which she sang at several funerals.  She sang for presidents. She sang for Martin Luther King. She sang before the Pope. And each time she was giving a message to not only the audience, but to the host.  Treat everybody with respect. Make sure they realize that you care about them.

Bob Chapman wrote a book called “Everybody Matters.” He’s a successful business person who started dozens of companies and he talks about treating employees like family. If I were to check with your co-workers, your boss, your kids, your spouse, your neighbors, would I find that you are giving them the respect they deserve? Reach out to someone today and let them know how much you appreciate them, how much you respect their behavior,  the way they’ve raised their family, are getting their job done at work, or keeping your family together.

Let’s take it out with some more powerful music from Aretha Franklin.

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