Two of My Go-To Songs For Motivation

I’m not aware of another classic rock song that has a stronger opening than Neil Diamond’s “America.” First, the violins, and then the drum cadence getting louder and louder during the first 30 seconds of that song. It’s powerful, but so are those words.

“We’ve been traveling far. ¬†Coming to America. Looking for freedom’s light burning warm. They’re coming to America.”

They’re looking for the freedoms and the benefits and the opportunities and the rights that this country affords its citizens.

It reflects the diversity of America through its immigration program from a hundred years ago, and its diversity today. It’s a powerful song.

It’s used at concerts, conferences and conventions, and significant events in America.

I used it when I spoke before 3000 high school students at a national conference at Indiana University in Bloomington. That music preceded my opening address, and you can imagine how it got the audience fired up prior to my message.

Songs can do that. They will motivate you to get yourself ready, to get yourself pumped up, to get yourself focused. Or they can bring a memory – reminding you of somebody you love.

Another Neil Diamond song I love is “Sweet Caroline.”

Because I’m a father to a baseball coach and a father-in-law to another one. ¬†It’s played during the eighth inning at Fenway Park, at every baseball game. And now it’s played throughout America, at Little League games, high school games and college games.

And guess what my youngest granddaughter’s name is? You got it right. It’s sweet Caroline.

Use the power of music to get you to that next level, to get you focused, and to get you centered.

Tell me what your favorite song is in the comments below or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s go out with a little bit of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Neil Diamond recently announced his retirement due to health. We wish him the best.

God bless.

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