Times Are Changing


If you’ve been listening to me since I started this Sounds of Change blog, you know I’m a classic rock guy – Beatles, The Eagles, Bob Seger, Springsteen. Some of you in your comments on my blog have said I need to get a little more up-to-date. I will work on that and will have some messages tied to some more current music in the weeks ahead.

Today, I’d like to tie in a couple of songs to what’s happening in the United States and in many parts of the world. It’s been a challenging time with some pretty traumatic raw news –  the #metoo movement, #timesup, #menext, #neveragain.  Young people are speaking up. Women are speaking up. And songs are resonating with the current change that’s going on in society for the good – songs like Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” I think a powerful line is “Show me how big is your brave” or “Say what you want to say, and let the words fall out.” Katy Perry’s Roar-  Eye of the Tiger – it’s a powerful song to exercise to, dance to, and  right now. to listen to, as we go through changes in our society and our behavior. I encourage you to listen to these songs and hopefully they’ll resonate with you and help all of us be better people.

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