The Power Of A Story

One thing I would encourage all of you to do is tell stories.

You know, we can stand up before our staff at an all-team meeting and read them the rules, tell them the announcements. We can gather people together at a sales conference and talk about features and benefits. We can go see a client and try to convince them that our product is better than the competitors. We can talk to a family member about improving relationships. But what I would encourage you to do is to weave these conversations around stories.

Tell your prospective customer a story about how your product made a difference in somebody else’s life. Tell your management team what’s going to happen in the world or in your community if your organization implements a particular program. Give them an example of how somebody’s life was changed. Share with them a story.

I remember one time I was on a sales call and I was talking about our program, and I was telling the client about the difference it had made in the lives of some people in the country of Kenya. My client stopped me right in mid-sentence and said, “you really believe in this stuff don’t you?” You know what, I knew I had him, because he saw the passion I had and the belief I had in our product.  And we got the order. So tell stories. Tell stories about your life, what is happening in the community. You’ll get a much better listening audience.

What’s your story?

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