Take Time To Celebrate

That’s “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. We all need to celebrate the good times. We need to celebrate and come together.

How many times do we forget to do that? Let me count the ways. When your sales staff hits their goal, do you celebrate? When your construction project is finished, do you party on? Do you celebrate when you get that big order that you’ve been working on for years?

Do you celebrate when you perform that surgery successfully, or take care of that patient in a compassionate way, and they say thank you? Do you celebrate that good feeling that you have? Or perhaps at home, do you celebrate those small victories that your children have each day as they are growing and developing? Do you celebrate your spouse’s achievements or do you just complain about what didn’t get done?

The song is a simple song, but I think we all need to celebrate more often, especially during difficult days when we get discouraged. We need to find those moments to celebrate. Let’s listen to it again, and celebrate a little bit. Have a great day.

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