Introducing Sounds Of Change – Life Lessons & The Power Of Music


Hello, Bruce Nasby here. When you last heard from me I mentioned a new venture I am working on. I’m here today to tell you more about that.

After retiring from Enactus a few years ago, I transitioned into consulting and executive coaching.

I have been serving as a Vistage Chair for executive groups in Southwest Missouri and have been working with C-level executives and leadership teams that need help overcoming obstacles that are standing in their way of progress and business growth.

I am taking my life and career experiences, and all of the lessons I have learned, and using them to help other people move forward in their professional and personal lives. I enjoy the work. I get a charge out of helping other people succeed, and I’m at a point now where I would like to extend my reach.

You are watching the first in a weekly series of video updates that I am calling “Sounds of Change.” In this series, I will offer inspiration, motivation, and life lessons, punctuated by the power of music.

I’m a guy of the 60’s. I love red wine, sunny beaches and music. Music has been such an influential part of my life and my growth as a leader in business and as a person. It’s a powerful force. A single song can transport us back to a time and place, or change our state of mind in a matter of seconds.

In Sounds of Change, I will share how my favorite tunes over a span of 40+ years have influenced me to be a stronger leader, a lifetime learner, and a better human. My goal is to help you create your own soundtrack, and recognize and seize those moments when you have an opportunity to make a difference in your own or someone else’s life, make a change for the better, or grab onto something you thought was out of your reach.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun ride.

What songs inspire or motivate you? Tell me your favorites in the comments section.


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