Find Your Ukulele

I’d like to thank everyone who listens to my blog each time I send it out.

I love music. I love the power of lyrics and what music can do to you. It can take you to the next level. It can help you deal with discouragement, bring you closer to the person you love. It motivates you to take that next step.

I have always been a lover of music. As a child, I took music lessons. I played drums for eight years. I can play a little bit of trumpet.

Last Christmas, I asked for and received a ukulele along with some lessons. So each week I go to the music store and go into one of the little tiny practice rooms where my ukulele instructor teaches me new chords and new songs. They are songs that I ask him to give me the chords to – probably many rock ‘n roll songs that have never been played on the ukulele before. But you know what, I’m having fun. I’m learning. I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

I promise I’m not going to sing to you. I do not have a recording voice. But, I just challenge you to think of what you should do. What is that new skill you need to learn? What’s that new hobby you’ve been dying to start. What’s that sport you should try. Next time you’re on vacation, what will you sign up to do that you’ve never done before? At work, volunteer for something that’s outside of your comfort zone. We all have to be lifelong learners and we can do it in a fun and exciting way.

So, find your ukulele and enjoy it. I enjoy mine.

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