Find Someone To Lean On

You just heard “Lean On Me” – a classic from many years ago. At the end of this message you’ll hear “Count On Me,” a more recent version with a similar message by Bruno Mars.

Whether you’re leaning or counting on somebody, we all need a coach. We all need that person who can give an unbiased opinion on how you’re coming across, at work, at home, or in the community.

How often have you been faced with an issue where you cannot easily come up with the answer by yourself? You’re afraid to ask your peers, or your subordinates, and sometimes even your family members. But you know you don’t know the answer.

Who is that person you can go to who can coach you through your decision-making process, or help you become self-aware of a strength or weakness that you need to overcome or build upon? I encourage everyone, regardless of their age or status or position at work, to have somebody who can give you a brutal, honest opinion on how you’re coming across, and how you can do better. That could be a coworker. It could be a third party who’s not related to your business or your community at all. You can learn it from books, but the most powerful way is to have someone who you can confidentially meet with whenever you need to, to wrestle through the issues you face.

Whether you call it a coach or a mentor or a counselor or a consultant, I encourage you to have that person in your life that you can count on. That you can lean on to make the decisions you face each and every day, at work, at home, and in your community. Take this out with a little Bruno Mars.

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