Do Something

We all have those moments in time that we’ll never forget the day or where we were when that event happened. Perhaps it’s 9/11, or November 22nd. Maybe it’s 10 years ago during the China earthquake, or perhaps it was when you lost a parent, or a brother or sister. Maybe it was your wedding day. Maybe it was the moment that you discovered you were working in a toxic work environment, and you needed to get out of that situation. Perhaps it was the day you fell in love. Or, it could be that time you saw a starving refugee trying to get a cup of water or something to eat after traveling hundreds of miles escaping a war zone in their homeland, and it made you want to do something.

There are two songs with the same title “Do Something.” One is by Matthew West, and the other one is by my favorite band the Eagles. In Matthew West’s version, he talks about seeing troubles and asking God, “Why do you let this happen?”

Well, we’re put on the earth to do something about the things we see.

In the Eagles version, they talk about what’s happening in the world, and in society, and in our environment, and that we cannot just take up space. ¬†We must do something. So, I encourage you to listen to both of these songs in their entirety not just the highlights here in today’s blog. Then determine what you’re going to do to change the world. What are you going to do to leave this a better place?

How are you going to be a better citizen, a more engaged worker, a more compassionate boss, a more loving husband or wife, a more understanding parent?

I leave you with the music “Do Something” and encourage you to use it as your motivator to get out there and make a difference.


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