Do Current Events And Political Discourse Worry You?

Some people are concerned about the crazy life we’re living right now especially in the United States.

Political discourse. Concerns about wars. The environment. A lot of anxiety.

But when I have conversations with people about the days we live in today, I think about the 60s – the 1860s and the 1960s. The 1860s in America, when our country was pulled apart into a civil war that took millions of lives. The 1960s, when we had the Vietnam War and the protests associated with it, the assassination of a president and a presidential candidate and of civil rights leaders, the race riots in city streets all across America, the Pentagon Papers, and into the next decade, Watergate. Those were rough times, but we got through them. We’ll get through these.

There was some amazing music written and performed in the 60s – Vietnam protest songs, civil rights songs. Those songs tell the story and helped many of us get through those days.

What are your songs today that help you get through the years that we’re living through now? What drives you to feel good, or to get angry and go do something about it?

What songs give you peace and serenity? Pick the songs that drive you to get through your adversities, and more importantly get you to do what needs to be done.

Send me a message with your favorite song that keeps you going during rough times, or motivates you to go out and accomplish something meaningful. Share that with me in an email or a message or in a comment here on my blog. I look forward to hearing your responses.

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